Britpop Song Lyrics Quiz

Britpop Song Lyrics Quiz

How well do you know your Britpop songs? Do you remember the big Blur vs Oasis Number One battle?

If you were around in the 90s you'll probably recognise most of these lyrics.

Name the song and artist in each question. Each question is a song from the Britpop bands of the 1990s.


I think he'd like to have been Ronnie Kray, but then nature didn't make him that way


Summer's gone, days spent with the grass and sun, I don't mind, to pretend I do seems really dumb


What's the point of being rich if you can't think what to do with it, 'cause you're so very thick


Kiss the girl, she's not behind the door


Seems like you're always a million miles away, as far as I'm concerned that's where you can stay


I don't know what he was talking about, but I think I had an idea


The light in your eyes the smile on your ruby lips, tells me my lost soul is found


Her eyes were making silent demands, and as her hair came undone in my hands


Why can't you see, that nature has it's way of warning me


He sipped another rum and coke and told a dirty joke

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