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Beatles Trivia Music Quiz

Beatles Trivia Music Quiz

Try The Beatles trivia quiz - a quick challenge for Beatlemaniacs!

How much do you know about The Beatles? Find out below!

Question 1:
Which of the following was not one of the Beatles' former band names?

Question 2:
Which single kept the Beatles from the number 1 spot with double A-side Penny Lane / Strawberry Fields in 1967

Question 3:
In which year was the film 'A Hard Days Night' premiered?

Question 4:
Which Beatles album was originally going to be called 'On Safari'?

Question 5:
Who is said to be the inspiration for the song 'Martha My Dear'?

Question 6:
Who sang main vocals on 'Get Back'?

Question 7:
In which year was the Beatles' last public performance (excluding their later rooftop gig), at Candlestick Park, San Francisco?

Question 8:
On the cover of Abbey Road, which Beatle is first in the line across the zebra crossing?

Question 9:
Who was The Walrus?

Question 10:
Who was drummer for the Beatles before Ringo joined?

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